Industrial reliability and precision at a disruptive price point with the fastest CAD to part workflow.

Why Professionals use MakerBot

Heated Chamber Delivers Stronger

Open Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials

Guaranteed Part Accuracy and SR-30 Soluble Support

Save Engineering Time with an Automated Workflow and CAD Integration

MakerBot will save your business engineering time with our printer’s Automated Workflow and CAD Integration, characteristics that elevate the superior mechanical and thermal properties far above modified desktop 3D printer formulations. MakerBot’s 3-D printer is the only instrument on the current market that combines advanced materials and a heated chamber to achieve dimension accuracy (± 0.2mm (± 0.007in) and stronger manufacturing-grade parts. The innovative technology used in MakerBot 3-D printing recirculates heat throughout every layer of the printing process, accomplishing consistent strength and reliability in its products.

Our printer’s SR-30 soluble support allows for the efficient and quality production of 25 compatible materials. Access unlimited materials such as Nylon Carbon Fiber, ABS, Nylon, PC-ABS and SR-30 with an Open Materials Platform. Promote the printing capabilities of your workplace with advanced material production, such as ABS Carbon, TPE (flexible), PETG ESD, and PC.

The engineering team behind MakerBot’s 3-D printing technology have developed highly customised tooling solutions to assist your workplace in a wide array of production and design commissions. All Axis Engineers consistently choose our professional-grade printing technology for the competitive production costs and tinker-free industrial aptitude.

A Manufacturing Workstation

Up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers*

About ⅓ the first-year cost of ownership of an entry-level industrial 3D printer

±0.007 IN
Dimensional accuracy of ±0.007in**

Print a selection MakerBot polymers to guaranteed dimensional accuracy spec with the aid of a 60°C heated chamber.

Print the Full catalog of MakerBot polymers and composites with superior accuracy and strength in a 110°C heated chamber.

Replace metal parts with 3D printed Carbon Fiber on METHOD. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance.