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5 Reasons Why To Choose Us

Quality Printers & Cartridges can save you between 12%-43% on your printing costs through a complete combination of the following 5 ways:

1. You'll receive high quality, guaranteed cartridges that work perfectly

Photocopier Perth

Cash for Empty Cartridges

In order for us to perform our environmentally friendly remanufacturing process on printer cartridges we require the empty virgin original cores to be processed. This means that we are always out in the marketplace

Photocopier Perth

Carbon Neutral Printing

When purchasing your Premium Plus printer cartridges from us you are also committing to helping our environment. Quality Printers & Cartridges are committed to assisting the Carbon Neutral movement by planting a tree in Western Australia on your behalf for every order containing our locally manufactured Premium Plus printer cartridges.

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Quality Guarantee

QPC are so confident of our Quality that we not only Guarantee to replace faulty Cartridges for FREE, we also honour your Printers' factory warranty

Quality Printers & Cartridges have solutions available to you so you can benefit from the savings and quality of your Premium Plus & compatible cartridges, and still successfully maintain your warranty on your printer.

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Since switching to the Hewlett Packard 4700, downtime and paper jams in our printer, (which prints about 60,000 pages a year) are virtually non-existent. Even when using recycled paper. Our page quality in full colour always impresses our clients as we include plenty of photos in their personalized travel itinerary''s. The Hewlett Packard 4700 is equally at home in printing our customised travel card, again in full colour. There may be better printers on the market, but we'"re yet to find them. Please feel free to contact me personally on 9842 4900 and ask for John.

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Quality Printers & Cartridges strives to produce quality consumables, provide exceptional service, be environmentally friendly and provide expert advice to inform and educate you and your business.

We've been recognised for the above through a number of awards and are proud to share our achievements with you.

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At Quality Printers & Cartridges we will attend to any of your technical issues or enquiries over the phone free of charge. Often due to our many years experience we can solve many issues for you in a matter of minutes and with minimal hassle. If you have any technical queries please call us on (08) 9303 3888 to discuss.