Photocopier PerthThere are four types of cartridges you can choose for your printer, fax and photocopier. These are:

1. Genuine Original Cartridges (OEM)
2. Premium Remanufactured Cartridges (Premium Plus)
3. Compatible Generic Cartridges
4. Refill / Budget cartridges

Statistics show that between 1-3% of an office's total expenses is from printing consumables.

If you are like most businesses you are probably looking for a less expensive alternative. Generally the best way to find a less expensive option is to use a quality remanufactured cartridge, however not all cartridges are the same.

This section will educate you so that you can make a better and more informed decision on your printer supplies and ensure that you receive the exact product that suits your needs and budget requirements.


An imported cartridge produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This cartridge is mass produced overseas. This usually has an inferior print standard compared to the Premium Plus cartridge, due to the quality of the components. These cartridges are tested on a random basis before they are packed and shipped. QPC can provide these Genuine cartridges between 12-20% lower price than general office supply companies.


This is a superior, high quality remanufactured cartridge produced right here in WA at QPC. Premium Plus has been designed to reduce your costs, help the environment whilst maintaining a premium quality cartridge that works perfectly every time.

How do Remanufactured Cartridges work? The shell of an empty original cartridge is re-used whilst necessary working components on the inside of the original empty cartridge are completely disassembled and replaced with brand new, high quality parts and filled with quality toner. Your Premium Plus cartridge is less expensive to produce, as the shell of your empty original cartridge is being reused. This is how we can pass the money savings onto you and ensure a top-quality print every time. Every Premium Plus cartridge is stringently tested before being immediately sealed, packed and delivered to you.

A Premium Plus cartridge is only remanufactured by Quality Printers & Cartridges . This is your best option for quality and value.

Photocopier Perth


This cartridge has been made from scratch with a new mould and new plastic by a third party. These are usually cheap as they are imported from overseas. Testing is unknown on these cartridges. QPC can provide compatible cartridges which we have personally sourced and tested to work effectively. At up to 40% lower price than Genuine, these are a cost effective option if our "Premium Plus" cartridges don't cover that particular printer/copier.


Not to be confused with "Remanufactured Cartridges", refill cartridges are the most inferior cartridges that you can receive. You will know when you are purchasing one of these because of the extremely low price. These cartridges are usually refilled and/or imported from overseas. Refilled cartridges are simply an empty cartridge refilled with toner (for its price, the supplier cannot afford to thoroughly inspect or replace wearing components). The price is significantly cheaper as all parts are reused (which are not designed to last another cycle and usually provides an inferior print). Many of these cartridges are not tested before they are packed and shipped. QPC refuse to stock refill/budget cartridges for the above reasons. QPC guarantee the quality of all our cartridges or we'll replace them for free, something we can't do with budget refill cartridges.