Faxes are not received – HP

When faxes aren’t coming through on your printer/photocopier, please follow these checks and troubleshooting steps to ensure that there is nothing wrong with all the other factors before faulting the printer. Please be reminded that the printer is an output device and will only receive/send what it is commanded to do.

Is there a Fax Card installed?

Printers do not come with fax cards pre-installed and need to be ordered beforehand to have it installed before the machine is received. If a fax card is needed after installation, the best person to contact is the account manager who will order a fax card for the machine.

If you are unsure, please check behind the printer where the blue/black cable feeds into the printer. The one on the left indicates there is a fax card as there is a port available for fax. When the port is empty and doesn’t not possess anything to plug into as shown then it signifies that there is no fax card installed.

Have you checked the Fax Line?

Once you have confirmed that there is a fax card installed, the next factor is to check if your fax line is working. The best way to confirm that it is working is to call the number to see if there is a dial tone coming through. After ensuring that there is a dial tone, please try a test fax with this number 1300 368 909 or 1300 368 999, these two numbers can be used to receive a test fax from Telstra to see if the connection is working. Once you get a result, this can help you determine what the issue is and can be forwarded to your IT or your provider.

If your provider or IT has determined that the line has no issue, please have them contact us and we will be able to fault the printer and log a service call with the evidence.