Printer making grinding / squeaking noises

Steps to follow

1. Please locate the area the sound is coming from.

  • Check the back of the machine and the right hand side as these are common areas.

2. Please check the area identified in step one for jams or debris in the system.

  • If the sound was heard at the bottom of the machine remove the paper trays and ensure there is no paper left in the machine.

3. Once there are no more visible jams in the affected areas, please close all trays and doors and restart the machine.

4. Once machine has been restarted please do a test print/copy to see if the issue has been resolved.

5. If the noise is still occurring after this, submit a support job using the button below.

6. To best assist RBC support, please provide a video or sound recording of the noise. To do this, simply reply to the job conformation email once the job has been logged with the media attached.