HP Ink on Prints are Smudging/Creating Streaks

In a specific situation that the ink of your prints are smudging or there are streaks on your prints. Please refer to the pictures below to verify if your issue is similar to the samples.

In this first sample, the blue cup has smudged onto the 2nd page of the print as you can see below the green cup. In this second sample, you can see that there are ink streaks on the print that has originated from the 2nd page.

The biggest factor causing this issue is if you’re using a paper type that differs from the normal A4 80gsm paper that is used for normal printing. If you have tried to print on a different paper type that is causing this issue, please follow the next step to have this issue rectified.

1. Please refer to this article to change the Paper Settings on your Printer and Computer: HP How to Change the Paper Trays Size/Type

2. If not, please log a support call using the button below and a friendly technician will be in contact to have this rectified for you.