63 Related Error Codes

The below applies to: E778xx, E783xx, E876xx

Recommended actions:

1. Turn the printer off using the power button and waiting for it to fully shut down.

2. Once the machine has fully powered down, open the front door.

3. Remove each toner from the machine

4. Turn upside down and rock back and forth 3 times.

5. Once shaken, please place the toner upside down on top of the machine. Please note: removal of the waste toner bottle is not necessary and can cause toner spillage.

6. Close the front door.

7. Turn the machine back on using the button on the front of the machines.

8. Once the machine is back on, place the toners into the machine one by one as it requests them.

9. Once all the toners are in, close the front door and wait for the machine to check itself.

10. If the error re-appears, please log a support call using the button below: