Printer jamming in the morning or after a weekend

When the weather changes, issues can arise with the paper in the machine. This issue is specifically for jamming that happens at specific times of the day and does not reoccur until the specified time of the day. As paper is hygroscopic (absorbs water from the surrounding air), an onset of humidity or dampness of the paper can cause the paper to jam due to curling as it travels through the machine.

1. Remove all of the current paper from the printing tray.

2. Open up a new ream of fresh paper and check through a small stack by fanning it to make sure the pages are not stuck together.

3. Insert the fanned paper into the paper tray and test the machine with a few prints.

If no issues occur then the paper is confirmed to be at fault. If this is the case, tray heaters can be installed in most machines that keep paper from collecting this moisture. It is best to speak with your Account Manager to see if your device is applicable.