Introducing MakerBot CloudPrint™ 2.0

With enhanced user interface and upgraded features, the new CloudPrint offers a faster, more secure, and more advanced print preparation and management solution.

With an easy-to-use and secure workflow, CloudPrint gives you better control and management of your prints from start to finish.

Advanced Print Modes and Settings

The Smart Arrange, Smart Orient, and Print Mode features (such as Balanced, Solid, and High Quality) are optimized to let the application automatically handle the setup based on your needs. Choose from hundreds of modifiable parameters and save your custom print mode for the next job.

Print Time and Material Estimates

Plan better with CloudPrint’s time and material usage estimates. METHOD’s onboard sensors also alert you when material is running low.

Queue Management and Multibody Support

Maximize your printer usage by slicing and queueing print jobs for later. CloudPrint also now allows multibody support so you can directly upload native CAD assemblies and queue across multiple build plates.




Print carbon fiber-reinforced nylon and other engineering-grade composite parts with three-dimensional strength and accuracy like never before on METHOD’s unique industrial desktop platform.