Goodbye and Farewell to Sam

It is with much sadness that the time has come for Sam, our super courier, to retire. His last official day was January 17th, which meant that he was with us for 21 years. QPC started 14 years ago, but Sam was with us in a previous company for 7 years too.

If you were ever lucky enough to have had Sam deliver a cartridge or help with a problem, you’ll know he was a man with the kindest heart and would do anything to keep you, the customer happy. He always said he was “just a courier” but we all know he was so much more and a magical person to have as a face of our company.

It was a very tough decision for Sam to make (and an even tougher one for us to accept!) as he is a very loyal person who was so integral to the success of QPC Group. We already miss his smiling face and positive attitude, as I’m sure you will too.

I know Sam would have loved to say goodbye to you all, as he has formed so many wonderful relationships, but it was a bit too emotional to do. If you’d like to send him any good wishes, please reply and we will certainly forward them to him.

Moving forward, you will see a few new faces and some changes with his departure.