MakerBot Strengthens METHOD Materials Portfolio

MakerBot, a Stratasys company, is expanding its offering of advanced engineering materials for the MakerBot METHOD® 3D printing platform with the addition of three new LUVOCOM® 3F materials from LEHVOSS Group, a leading provider of high-performance thermoplastics for industrial sectors. This brings the number of METHOD materials up to 30, giving customers an even wider selection of manufacturing-grade materials with which to explore.
LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT, LUVOCOM 3F PAHT CF 9891 BK, and LUVOCOM 3F PET CF 9780 BK are available to use with the MakerBot LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder for both the METHOD and METHOD X 3D printers. The LABS extruder transforms METHOD into an open platform that is able to print qualified advanced engineering materials from leading filament suppliers.
Designed for 3D printing and industrial applications, the LUVOCOM 3F materials have similar properties to their compounded versions used for injection moulding. These materials are specially optimized to provide an easy-to-print experience and to achieve the next level of properties and quality. Parts printed with these materials result in strong, stiff prints with a high quality surface finish, and are ideal for prototyping, jigs and fixtures, and end-use applications. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printed Materials Market 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
“The MakerBot METHOD and METHOD X machines offer unique heated chamber capabilities which allow semi-crystalline materials to have their full properties out of the printer, avoiding the need of post-processes. In addition, its excellent precision and reproducibility in combination with our high-performance LUVOCOM 3F material range brings an exceptional engineering performance to the customers,” said Thiago Medeiros Araujo, Global Product Manager LUVOCOM 3F at LEHVOSS.
“We are always evaluating new materials to meet the needs of our customers and their applications. The ability to 3D print additional high-performance materials on the METHOD platform opens more opportunities for those who want to test out different materials with advanced mechanical and thermal properties,” said Johan-Till Broer, VP of Product Development at MakerBot. “LEHVOSS Group is an expert in engineering materials and brings a range of new high-performance polymers to the METHOD platform, enabling our customers to explore new and more challenging applications.”
The qualified LUVOCOM 3F materials include:
  • LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT – A high-temperature polyamide (also known as nylon) material with continuous service temperature of up to 100°C and the strength of PA/Nylon 6. The material has 50% reduced water uptake and a four-times slower absorption rate compared to PA6. Low moisture absorption can help minimize printing issues as well as property changes of the printed part. This material is optimized for low warpage, high strength and impact resistance, and excellent surface finish for end-use parts, such as flanges and fixtures.
  • LUVOCOM 3F PAHT CF 9891 BK – The carbon fiber (CF) filled grade of LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT has even lower water uptake and good resistance against harsh chemicals like automotive fluids. The addition of carbon fiber strengthens the thermal and mechanical properties, and has a continued use of up to 150°C while retaining 50% of its mechanical properties. The material is suitable for high temperature environments such as automotive under-the-hood applications, such as housings or engine covers. In addition to its outstanding mechanical performance, the material is easy to print and does not warp.
  • LUVOCOM 3F PET CF 9780 BK – A carbon fiber-filled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material that is easy to print, with low warping, and exhibits a superb surface finish straight from the printer, reducing the need for post-processing. It provides high strength, elevated temperature resistance up to 120°C and chemical resistance outperforming PETG.
As the only 3D printer in its price class with a heated chamber that can print composites, polymers, and metals—all on one machine, METHOD brings a unique 3D printing experience to users. METHOD’s heated chamber controls the 3D printing process to allow each layer to cool down simultaneously to minimize warping and curling. This allows it to print parts with advanced materials more successfully than typical desktop 3D printers.
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LUVOCOM 3F materials can be purchased through authorized LEHVOSS Group resellers, including Nexeo3D (for orders in the United States and Europe) and IGO3D (for orders in Europe).
The LEHVOSS Group, under the management of Lehmann&Voss&Co., is a group of companies in the chemicals sector that develops, produces and markets chemical and mineral specialties for various industrial clients. With the 3D printing product line, LUVOCOM 3F, the LEHVOSS Group offers innovative and customized polymers for 3D printing.
Source and top image: MakerBot