How to clean fuser input on HP 5500 / HP5550

From time to time your HP 5500 or HP 5550 Series printer may ask you to “clean the fuser input”. This can be very confusing as most people do not actually know where the fuser input is, let alone how to clean it.

It is actually very easy to do. Simply follow the instruction video below for an easy guide.

Be aware that sometimes this will occur at the same time as having to replace the black toner. This means your message may read something like replace “black cartridge and clean fuser input”. You will have to replace the black cartridge as well as perform the instructions in the video.

Also be careful when twisting the blue keyed latches that remove the fuser input. I have had a couple of customers who were a little too rough with these and snapped them all together which is not desirable. Just note that they only twist 90 degrees then you can lift the input unit straight off.

Please comment below if this has been helpful for you.