Scan to Email Setup with Telstra Business Direct ISP

Have you signed up to the new Telstra Business Direct (Also known as Telstra 365) and now your scan to email functionality on your printer does not work?

We have found that many clients who previously had no issues with their printers communicating with the Telstra SMTP (this is the protocol that send your emails) now cannot get their printers Scan to Email to work.

Something has changed within the Telstra network for this new service that has prevented the printers from communicating with the servers and therefor not allowing scan to email.  We have rang Telstra and spent countless hours on the phone as well as researching the internet to find a solution.

Finally we have a solution that is fail safe and will work for all business’s who are having issues connecting to their SMTP and scan to email.

Firstly as Telstra recommend try their SMTP which is:

Port: 25

If this does not work then you will want to use a service called SMTP2go. This service effortlessly creates a virtual SMTP server within your office.

After the program is setup you can send up to 20 free emails through the service a day and extra emails are a very minimal cost.  Most business’s do not send over 20 scans to email a day so generally the service will be completely free for most users.

This program will be very handy for anyone having these issues with the printer not scanning to email.  If you don’t understand the description above simply pass this post onto your IT person and they will easily take care of it.