PQ Troubleshooting – How to identify which colour toner is causing your print quality issue

The video below will assist you in printing out the PQ Troubleshooting report on a HP CM4730 machine.

Because the colour printers use a combination of 4 colours to create every print out, it is often very difficult to identify which colour is causing a problem.

The PQ Troubleshooting report will print multiple pages, one of each colour independently.  This will allow you to specifically identify the colour toner that is causing your print related issues.

From here you know exactly what colour toner to replace in order to restore your print quality back to normal.

Please follow the directions in the video below to print the report, from here you can see exactly what colour is at fault then call us with the results and we will replace or repair any culprit toners and ensure you are printing clearly again as soon as possible.