How to do a disk initialisation on a HP MFP Printer

In this post today I am going to show you how to perform a Disk initialisation on your HP MFP Device.

The main reason to do this is to erase and reformat the hard disk on your printer.

This could be due to having a disk malfunction or done when you are replacing the hard disk so that the printer can read it.

You can definitely try this process when you are having hard disk problems on your printer before you go ahead and replace it.

I have seen many issues resolved from performing the hard disk initialisation, but remember you will be formatting the disk which means erasing everything that was on it.  Usually all your settings are saved, but anything like address books for emails, quick dials etc will all be lost.

It will however not make you lose all your settings like IP address’s and other custom settings which is handy as these are a pain to reset if you do not know what you are doing.

NOTE: Before performing a hard-disk initialization, print a menu map and a configuration page. Use the information on these pages to reset any customer specific settings.

CAUTION: A hard-disk initialization deletes the following information: all stored copy jobs, the local address book (e-mail addresses), the speed-dial list (fax numbers), and the Java™ applet files.

Steps to perform are below as well as a video to further illustrate how easy it is.
1. Turn the MFP off and then on.
2. When the memory count appears on the upper LHS of the display, press the right-hand side of the START button until all three LEDs are lit.
3. Release the START button.
4. Press 5 one time. INITIALIZE DISK appears on the control-panel display.
5. Press 6 one time.
6. A series of asterisks appears on the control-panel display. Wait for the MFP to complete its initialization sequence.