How to do a Cold Reset on a HP MFP Printer

In this blog post I am going to show you how to perform a Cold Reset on your HP MFP Printer.

There can be a whole number of reasons why you might need to do this from simply wanting to reset the settings or having a major malfunction that you need cleared.

It is basically a factory reset of the machine and will reset all of the settings. Please note that any custom settings that you have put into the machine will be lost and will have to be reprogrammed after the reset.

This function is commonly used by the HP technicians when your printer is having issues or has settings that need to be cleared.

Please follow the instructions below and illustrated in the video.

1. Turn the machine off
2. Turn machine on and when the memory count starts up the top LHS of the screen, press and hold the number 6.
3. Wait until all 3 lights light up and stay alight. Note they will flash once before they stay alight.
4. Release the number 6 and then scroll through the menu until cold reset is displayed
5. Press 6 to confirm.

The printer will then continue the boot process whilst performing the cold reset.