How to clean the ADF of your copier to remove lines that appear on the scans, copies and faxes.

Often we have customers ring and say they need a service on their copier or fax machine because they are getting lines on their prints.  Often these lines are not even on the prints but actually only on copies, faxes and scans done through the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on the top of the machine.

The way to test this is to do a print only from the machine, to see if the lines appear on a simple test print, if they don’t then you will want to test a photocopy.  If the lines appear on the photocopy and not the prints then you have dirt or build up on your screen that needs attention.  These same lines will appear on faxes and scans also.

Please note that the lines will only appear when using the ADF and will not appear when doing a these functions from the flatbed.

The process of cleaning the screen is very simple.  Please follow the directions in the video below and it will clear up instantly.  This will save you the money and hassle of having to get a technician out for this simple to fix problem.