How to clean or replace the Mylar Strip on HP Multifunction Machines

Problem: You have lines on the copies and scans on your documents, but not on the Prints.

This video shows you how to clean or replace the mylar strip on the HP Multi Function Printers.

Your issue will be a solid line down the page when you are scanning or copying documents through the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).  If you use the flatbed or print the lines will no appear, only when using the ADF.  This is a very simple procedure able to be performed by anybody.  It is caused by dirt building up under the strip.  This is generally from dirty pieces of paper or paper with ink that is not completely dry being copied.  I find that a clean of the strip will fix your issues, however, the strip is a consumables o will need to be replaced periodically when it cannot be cleaned perfectly.  Please visit our blog at for more helpful printer tips or for ordering parts or toners.