How to avoid jams in fuser area with HP Cm 6040 machines

We are seeing a lot of clients have the issue with jams in their HP CM 6040.  Often this occurs when you print full page photos or pages with a lot of page coverage.

The jam occurs in the right hand side of the printer and often involves opening the right door and removing a jam from the very hot and somewhat dangerous looking fuser unit.  Be very careful when removing jams from here as this unit gets very hot and can burn if you are not careful.

Unfortunately even when you remove the jam the following page will jam again.  Only when you cancel the job will the jam stop.

The jam is caused by excess toner that is on the page sticking to the fuser roller and not releasing as it should.

The way to avoid this is to reduce the surface area on the fuser roller and we do this by turning the paper around to A4-R in your trays.

Please follow the video below on how to do this.  It is very easy and will avoid a lot of frustrating jams in your printer.

The options are to just turn one tray around to A4-R and print any full page images/photos to this tray, or you can turn all the trays around and avoid the jams all the time.

When you have changed the tray, the printer will confirm with you that you have A4-R in the tray.  Just press OK to confirm this.

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